Aster Media Awards 2016


  • ?Can I apply for all three categories of awards?

    If you are a journalist based in India, you could apply for the National Awards and the Kerala regional awards - provided you are based in Kerala.

  • ?What is the minimum number of words for the story required for application as per AMA guidelines?

    There is no minimum criterion for words in a story. The key criterion is that if the story had a potential impact in effecting social change.

  • ?Rules of submission for different stories.

    Journalists can submit different stories in the same application form, as long as the stories impact diverse categories / sectors.

  • ?What is the purpose of instituting the Aster Media Awards?

    The Aster Media Awards was conceptualized by Aster DM Healthcare in recognition of the tremendous impact of mainstream media in shaping public awareness, acknowledgement and actions in the respective region. As part of the social responsibility of the Group, Aster DM Healthcare is keen to provide a platform to applaud the efforts of the fourth estate, whose talent, efforts and commitment do not get the due recognition in society.

  • ?What will be the critical differentiator to assess the entries for the Aster media awards?

    We see effecting social change as a key criterion for assessing the work submitted by Journalists.

  • ?What are the categories of awards?

    There are no specific categories. Entries can be submitted across topics as long as they had a positive social impact. That is the differentiator and the essence of the Aster Media Awards. Furthermore, the three categories of the awards do not just factor in location but have different cash prizes. The national awards will be a cash prize of Rs. 10 lakhs, while the Kerala Press Club Award would be cash prizes of Rs. 5 lakhs and the International-(Middle East) Award would be a cash price of AED 25,000.

  • ?What is the application process?

    Applications for the Aster Media Awards will be open to the public on 10th February 2016, and will be accepting submissions until 15th March. In order to qualify 2016 awards, work published in 2015, by an accredited or recognized print or broadcasting media will be accepted. Additionally, applications and nominations by news organisations, full time or freelance journalists should be sent to

  • ?Who are the Jury members?

    The winners will be chosen by a respected jury of eminent individuals from across the region, recognised for their experience and intellectual thought.

  • ?When and where will the Awards be held?

    The Aster Media Awards for the national title will be held in New Delhi by April or May this year. While the state awards will be held in Kerala in May 2016. The GCC Awards will be held in Dubai during the last week of April.